The Nutritionists Toolkit


The Nutritionist’s Toolkit includes a simple navigation menu at the bottom of the screen. It consists of People, Reference, Settings and About. Clicking any of these navigation buttons will transport you to the page indicated by the button.

Add A Person

This button is located on the People page.

When you click this button, the Person data-entry form is presented. On this form are fields for entering the person’s personal details, body dimensions and heart rate. If you are creating a person, the Save button will appear next to the Cancel button. Saving will save any data you have entered in the form. Cancelling will discard all data. When you save a person, their record will appear in a list on the People page, underneath the Add Person button and the Search field.

Update a Person

Click on any person’s name that is located in the person list on the People page. This will open their record in the Person data entry form.

To save any changes, click the Update button at the bottom of the form. Clicking the Close button will close the record and will not save any changes to any data.


The reference section has a navigation spool which will navigate the user to the reference page of their choice.


Set options such as person-list sort and the type of units you wish to enter data in. Defaults are “by Last Name” for people sort, and “Metric” for units.


Information about The Nutritionist’s Toolkit can be found here.