Has learning ever been easier?

My priority at the present time is to somehow get my local community engaged in learning about technology and using this knowledge to build new things with that knowledge.

There is a huge opportunity at the moment – perhaps unmatched at any time in history? Someone correct me here. The opportunity I see is the ability to learn real world skills with the only barriers to entry being:

  • a computer device such as a tablet or laptop
  • motivation to learn

To get started, one doesn’t even need a high powered computing device. Second-hand is fine. There may be limits to what you can achieve, sure. But, maybe not.

What can come of this?

Build an app. Build a blog. Build a better mouse trap. Write ‘Choose Your Own Adventure‘ Books as an app or as a web site. Use your imagination. Go on.

But How?

To learn something new, you need a good teacher. Here’s my favourite teacher and community: Free Code Camp.

What’s Awesome About It?

If you have a use-able computing device, the only barrier(s) to entry are those that you create for yourself. So, get started. If you don’t have your own computing device, you may be able to use resources at your local public library.

How You Can Benefit

  • Join a community of over 300, 000 members. Across the world.
  • Work with and learn from others.
  • Build real projects and put them in your portfolio
  • Learn skills like Front-End Development, Data Visualisation, Back-end Development and Full Stack Development. At your own pace.
  • Learn state-of-the-art technologies:
  • Get help in real time from your community.

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