Exercise Metronome

It’s for sports people!

icon-em-180x180 Exercise Metronome
This App is designed to help you set a rhythm for your exercise activities. The App uses a timer or stopwatch to manage your activity. It couples this with a metronome which indicates the rate at which to match your activity, and the period to change your activity.For example:

  • Set your exercise period to 2 minutes
  • Set the BPM (beats per minute) to 60 bpm.
  • Set the change interval to 60 seconds.

This will set the timer to run. The metronome will sound every second. The change interval will chime every minute.

For the first minute, do push-ups (one per second). When the change interval chimes, change to sit-ups (one per second). When the noise stops, you can stop. Too easy? Increase the beats-per-minute!

* Users should consult with their health care professional before undertaking any exercise program.

available on apple ios available on android help and support