Get a Free Privacy Policy for your Web Site

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But why do I need a privacy policy anyway?

Here’s a few reasons why:

  • Your web site uses search engine analytics to collect information about browser behaviour.
  • Your web site uses search engine analytics to show advertisements based on browser behaviour.
  • Your business and / or web site collects personal information such as email addresses and / or phone numbers.
  • You do or you would like to contact your customers with marketing campaigns.
  • There may be a few other good reasons to create and display a privacy policy.


But I can’t afford a Privacy Policy!

That’s OK. You can create a free privacy policy over here:

Click the big orange button on the landing page to get started. You’ll be asked a few questions about what personal information you collect, how you collect it, why you collect it and who you give the information to.

Be honest with your answers. It will save you headaches later.

Once you’re done, you’ll be emailed your brand new privacy policy, which you can add to somewhere prominent. Such as your web site. Before you post it, read it and edit it if necessary. It is a good service, but every now and then a typo or grammatical error materialises. It’s useful to edit any of these types of issues out before you post the document somewhere public.


When Should You Change Your Privacy Policy

If your business practices change (around collecting personal information or sensitive personal information), you should immediately think about reviewing your privacy policy. If you business has not changed it’s practices, you should review your privacy policy anyway – once every twelve months is a good rule of thumb.


But I’m too busy to do manage this stuff!

That’s OK. The Creature can help! Contact me here.

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